1112523The RSPCA classes ‘wild animals’ as those that are not normally domesticated and this ranges from badgers to nesting birds, pet snakes and zoo elephants.  Our concern for wild animals is based on their welfare needs and preventing cruelty rather than their conservation status.  This means our focus is on animal welfare rather than the numbers of a particular species, although the two can overlap.

The RSPCA has four wildlife centres where we rescue, rehabilitate and release wild animals.  Between the four centres we took in 17,202 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals in 2016.

In Parliament we have been working on a range of issues recently including: wild animals in circuses; bovine TB and the badger cull; and hunting wild mammals with dogs

However we also provide information and advice on many other issues for example the keeping of animals in zoos and the control and management of wildlife.

There is a range of legislation concerning the protection of wild animals which is complex and in need of updating. The Law Commission conducted a consultation and review of these laws.

For further information on these issues please see our briefings.

Invasive Non-Native Species

  Parliament is agreeing two new statutory instruments on the European Alien Species Regulation; one tidies up the Regulation as...

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bTB in Cattle and Badgers

Bovine tuberculosis (Btb) affects a number of animals including cattle and badgers.  The disease and efforts to control it have...

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Hunting wild mammals with dogs

Hunting with dogs was consigned to the history books when the Hunting Act was passed in 2004 (and became law...

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Wild animals in circuses

  The RSPCA believes that the use of wild animals in circuses is outdated and should be consigned to the...

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