June 14, 2017

Local authorities, housing providers and other public service organisations across England and Wales are being invited to share their good practice and outstanding contributions to animal welfare by entering this year’s RSPCA’s CAWF awards.

The RSPCA’s Community Animal Welfare Footprints (CAWF) award scheme celebrates good practice by rewarding organisations that go above and beyond statutory service requirements to achieve higher animal welfare standards in their communities.

This year’s awards are now open for entries.

The four Footprint categories recognise a commitment to animal welfare in key service areas: Stray Dog services, Contingency Planning, Housing Policy and Animal Activity Licensing, with bronze, silver and gold standards for each. In addition, the prestigious RSPCA Innovator Award rewards pioneering practices.

Brand new for 2017, a further Special Recognition Award will highlight those organisations who have consistently excelled using their own unique scheme to improve animal welfare.

RSPCA CAWF has already established itself as a mark of recognition for commitment to animal welfare by many local authorities, housing providers and public sector bodies across England and Wales.

Rachel Williams, senior parliamentary advisor for the RSPCA, said: “These awards are a chance for public sector organisations and housing providers who have really made a difference or come up with an inspiring new idea to improve animal welfare within their communities to shine and be recognised.

“The Footprints are the only awards that recognise the hard work of local authorities, social housing providers and public sector bodies, so it is great to be able to recognise and reward the hard work that organisations do to improve animal welfare. The Footprint awards recognise these initiatives, while the RSPCA Innovator Award celebrates exceptional practices.

“I am delighted that we are introducing the Special Recognition award. This award will recognise continued good practice in one of the four Footprint areas and is designed to reward the commitment of local authorities to animal welfare despite the challenging economic circumstances that many currently find themselves in.”

The awards are again supported by the Local Government Association, along with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Rachel added: “We hope that once again, previously recognised organisations will take the opportunity to apply to maintain their 2016 Footprint award. We would also very much like to see new entries, so more authorities can ‘go for gold’ and hopefully receive these prestigious accolades.

“It is no secret that receiving a CAWF or an RSPCA Innovator Award is a major achievement for any organisation or local authority.”

Entries close on 14 July 2017 and more details are available here.

Winners will be announced in September 2017.