November 8, 2016

Bird of prey found – but ring was not registered, prompting appeal to find the owner.

A European eagle owl has been found in the Aberdare area, with its owner unable to be identified – prompting an appeal for information from RSPCA Cymru.

The bird, believed to have been kept as a pet, was found on 1 November by a member of the public, and later collected by the RSPCA.

Owl 1Whilst the owl had a ring on, the bird was not registered, so RSPCA Cymru is seeking information which may help in identifying the owner. The owl is currently being looked after in a boarding establishment.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper has said the incident acts as a “crucial reminder” of the importance of keeping ring details up-to-date, and ensuring animals are identified properly.

She said: “It was certainly an unusual find – and, as one of the largest species of owl, must have taken the passer-by by surprise!

“Unfortunately the ring on the owl was not registered, so we are appealing for information in the hope of tracing the owner.

“This is a crucial reminder to ensure animals are properly identified, and registered, to boost the chances of them being reunited with their owner if they become lost.

“Anyone with any information as to how the owl came to be found in the Aberdare area can contact the RSPCA inspectorate line on 0300 123 8018. Anyone claiming to be the owl’s owner will need proof it belongs to them.”