July 26, 2017

A jackdaw became stuck to freshly-painted rugby posts at the Pandy Park rugby ground, and sadly had to be put to sleep after severely damaging a wing.

The freak accident happened at the Pandy Park rugby ground, in the Aberkenfig area, on 17 July.

RSPCA Cymru attended, after the jackdaw had become stuck on the crossbar, with one of his wings hanging downwards.

The charity attended within 15 minutes of receiving the call about the bird, and accessed the jackdaw via ladder, detaching it from the posts.

Sadly, the bird had a heavily damaged wing from the ordeal, and was smothered in gloss paint – and had to be put to sleep to prevent suffering.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Andrew Harris said: “The posts were painted the day before, and sadly this poor jackdaw clearly misjudged his flight and flew straight into the crossbar.

“Pure and simple – this was a freak accident, for which nobody should shoulder any blame, and which could not realistically have been prevented.

“While we were able to rescue the jackdaw from the posts, his wing injuries were severe, and he sadly had to be put to sleep.

“Helping wildlife is a huge part of the RSPCA’s work. This accident is just one example of how everyday situations do, on occasions, lead to the RSPCA being called out to tend to wild animals. Sadly, though we attended only minutes after receiving a call, this one had a sad ending for the jackdaw.”