March 19, 2019


The RSPCA is against any consumption of cat and dog meat for welfare reasons and there are no abattoirs in the UK that have a licence to kill cats or dogs.  While consuming cat and dog meat is not specifically banned in UK law, various pieces of legislation mean that there is effectively a ban on the practice.

The RSPCA has been working in many countries including South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China educating young people and the wider public about respect for life, compassion, empathy and good citizenship. We believe that these approaches, tailored to the specific conditions of each country, provide the most effective way of combating the dog meat trade within the wider context of animal cruelty.  Interestingly dog meat consumption is actually falling in many countries where it was once prevalent, often owing to a rise in pet-keeping and consequent growing appreciation of the value of dogs as companions.

Other countries have introduced bans on the consumption of cat and dog meat, for example the USA, Germany, and Austria. An amendment has been tabled for the Agriculture Bill that proposes a prohibition of the consumption, transport, possession or donation of cat and dog meat.  While this approach may not be strictly legally necessary we understand the reasoning behind – and symbolic value of – it.  Giving explicit legal clarity on this issue, as has occurred in the USA and Germany, may reinforce the UK’s reputation as a world leader in animal welfare and help progress in other countries.