January 3, 2016

1047676Hunting with dogs was consigned to the history books when the Hunting Act was passed in 2004 (and became law in 2005), because the majority of the public (and MPs) found it abhorrent.  Those calling for repeal (or for amendments to weaken it) are effectively calling for a return to cruelty.  The RSPCA believes that hunting wild mammals with dogs is cruel and unnecessary and should remain consigned to the history books.

In recent years the Hunting Act has been repeatedly threatened with repeal and amendment, most recently with a Statutory Instrument laid before Parliament in July 2015 that appeared to be the first steps to dismantling it. In the face of overwhelming opposition from politicians and the public, this was subsequently abandoned by the Government.

The RSPCA is working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the League Against Cruel Sports to encourage politicians from across the political spectrum to ensure the Act remains in force.  We believe that any amendments or repeal to the Hunting Act would be a barbaric and backward step for a civilised society.

For further information about this issue, please take a look at the attached briefings.