November 25, 2014

Many animals in Wales are kept on allotments, and RSPCA inspectors regularly deal with welfare issues in such settings.

The prevalence of animals on allotments is underlined by the fact that legislation has made specific reference to particular species, such as the Allotments Act 1950.

Clearly, any Welsh Government guidance for Local Authorities and others responsible for allotment services should outline issues related to animals.

Animals should not be kept in an Allotment-setting unless they can be provided with appropriate levels of care and a suitable environment.

RSPCA Cymru recommends those responsible for allotment sites – such as Local Authorities – draw up an ‘Animals on Allotments’ policy, clearly outlining what species of animals may be kept, how many of these may be kept, and identifying the standards of care which should be delivered.

We remain eager to work with local allotment officers, allotment societies and holders in the interests of animal welfare.