March 28, 2017

In early 2017 RSPCA Cymru launched a campaign calling for the introduction of an Animal Offender Register (AOR) for Wales, which would list persons convicted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and who also received a disqualification order under Section 34 of the Act banning them from owning animals for a specific period of time. RSPCA Cymru published a briefing at the time following the launch of the campaign which can be read here.

Following the campaign, in July 2017 the Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs asked RSPCA Cymru to chair a Ministerial Task and Finish Group to look into the issue and report back to the Government. As per the terms of reference agreed with the Government, an interim report was submitted to the Cabinet Secretary in March 2018 and the final report was published in July 2018 and can be read here.