July 19, 2017

Statistics for the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association suggest 22 per cent of households in Wales own at least one cat; the highest rate in the UK.

Legislation such as the Animal Welfare Act 2006 protects cats in Wales, whilst a statutory Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats provides advice to owners on how to care for felines.

Following extensive campaigning from RSPCA Cymru, Wales became the first UK nation to ban the use of electronic shock devices on cats, as well as dogs, in 2010.

Worryingly, the cat population in Wales has reached crisis point, with our Animal Centres over-run. To combat this, increasing the neutering rate of Wales’ owned cat population is vital, particularly ensuring the take up of neutering at 4 months old.  RSPCA Cymru, in partnership with Cats Protection, offers cat microchipping and neutering at the heavily discounted rate of £5 for owners on lower incomes.

As part of the Companion Animal Welfare Enhancement Scheme (CAWES), a special project in relation to cat breeding was undertaken. This identified 347 cat breeders in Wales, with – worryingly – some felines poorly socialised, nervous and based in rudimentary outdoor accommodation.