November 15, 2014

Established by the Welsh Government in 2008, the Companion Animal Welfare Enhancement Scheme (CAWES) sought to promote the welfare of companion animals, encourage partnership working and collect key data.

As part of the scheme, baseline data was collected by Local Authorities which assisted in informing key debates about the welfare of animals. Additionally, funding for special projects – often in partnership with animal welfare NGOs – provided additional resources to allow particular issues of concern to gain additional exploration.

The scheme assisted the Welsh Government and other key stakeholders the prevalence of key animal welfare issues and helped inform the need for further action, notably on the matter of dog breeding.

The three-year scheme – subject to approximately £3million of Welsh Government funding – concluded in 2011, and is sorely missed. Given its key role in informing the debate around the future of companion animal welfare in Wales, RSPCA Cymru believes the Welsh Government should consider a similar scheme in the future.