March 27, 2017

RSPCA Cymru supports the introduction of CCTV in abattoirs, which we believe should be compulsory.  CCTV in abattoirs not only protects those animals being slaughtered from possible mistreatment but also the slaughtermen from potentially unfounded allegations of abuse.

We want to see legislation introduced to make CCTV in abattoirs mandatory. We supported a Short Debate in the National Assembly for Wales in 2012 that highlighted the need for CCTV in abattoirs.

A Statement of Opinion on the issue has attracted the support of 34 Assembly Members, approximately 70 per cent of those eligible.

Recently the Welsh Government has published a report the Need for and Possible Implementation of a Workable System of CCTV in All Slaughterhouses in Wales which we have responded to. The UK Government, responsible for animal welfare in England, has also announced its intention to introduce compulsory CCTV in slaughterhouses in England.

RSPCA Cymru has since welcomed the announcement by the Welsh Government of a £1.1million Food Business Investment of grant aid, available for small and medium size slaughterhouses in Wales covering “welfare friendly infrastructure and facilities” along with the “installation and upgrading of CCTV monitoring systems”..