March 4, 2018

Under Section 14 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the National Assembly for Wales, through the Welsh Government are able to publish a Code of Practice for how people should look after their animals to meet their needs under the act, and to provide practice advice.

RSPCA Inspectors use the various Codes of Practice to help educate owners who may be failing to meet the needs of their animals and to ensure their welfare is not compromised.

In 2008, Wales was the first nation of the UK to introduce a Code of Practice and published codes for dogs, cats and equines. In 2009 the first Code of Practice for Rabbits was released and in 2010 cattle and sheep. As of 2018 the Welsh Government are in the process of reviewing the codes which RSPCA Cymru have responded to.

For more information and to download the codes visit: and for farm animals.