September 15, 2015

There are a number of welfare issues associated with dog control and indeed this is also inextricably linked to irresponsible dog ownership issues around breeding and overpopulation, as well as straying and identification. Dangerous and so-called ‘status’ dogs have been high on the political agenda and indeed prevalent within the media, in recent years, not least of due to the perceived rise in attacks on people.

The RSPCA was disappointed when the Welsh Government suspended their Dog Control Bill in favour of measures from Westminster, as it contained unique education and awareness elements for dogs owners. Until it’s suspension work with stakeholders, including the RSPCA, was progressing well and sadly this contained areas not covered by the UK Government’s Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act.

In 2010 the RSPCA commissioned a criminological study into the nature of the rising phenomenon of status dogs and specifically what motivates young people to own one of these dogs. The report also sought to examine what solutions could be explored. A copy of the report is in the links to the right and hard copies can be sought from the External Relations team.

In 2014 the then Minister for Natural Resources & Food, Alun Davies AM announced that the RSPCA would head up a Task & Finish Group to examine the education and awareness needs of dog owners in Wales.  We were delighted to receive further instruction from the Deputy Minister for Farming and Food who confirmed terms of reference for the Group.  The work has commenced and is expected to report in the Autumn 2015.