November 15, 2015

In 2010, Wales became the first, and remains only, UK nation to ban the use of electronic training devices on dogs and cats.

RSPCA Cymru had long highlighted the cruelty associated with such devices, and was as such delighted when the Animal Welfare (Electronic Collars) (Wales) Regulations 2010 came into force.

Following its implementation, the legislation held firm – with the support of RSPCA Cymru – against two judicial reviews.

In 2011, the RSPCA undertook the first successful prosecution under the regulations.

The Society is firmly opposed to the use of any technical advice where an animal can be subjected to a painful stimulus at the direct instigation of a human or where a painful stimulus is delivered as a result of an animal’s action from which it cannot retreat.

As such, RSPCA Cymru is also deeply concerned by any proposals to remove the ban on electronic collars linked with invisible boundary fencing or hidden fending and would wish rather to see more focus on positive training practices.

Such a move has been the focus of work by the National Assembly for Wales’ Petitions Committee, and discussed by several Assembly Members. We support the view exposed by the Welsh Government in 2013 that no evidence has been presented to suggest watering down existing legislation should take place.