April 21, 2015

Sadly, many companion animals are killed on Wales’ highways but their owners are unable to locate them and learn their fate.

This issue is often referred to as ‘Harvey’s Law’. On the evening of November 23rd 2013, a dog named Harvey was killed on the M62. Though his body was found 23 minutes after his death, his owners spent 13 weeks looking to trace their pet before they learned of his fate.

As a devolved matter, RSPCA Cymru has urged the Welsh Government to increase the likelihood of owners being informed when their pets have been killed on the highway; by ensuring the mandatory collection and identification of pets, and notification of owners, where companion animals are killed on highways.

Further to this, it is very positive the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport has subsequently asked officials to consider making the scanning of information on ID tags and collars and the owner notification process more consistent than is presently the case.