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RSPCA Cymru has liaised closely and extensively with devolved decision-makers in Wales since the opening of the National Assembly for Wales in 1999.

Following the onset of devolution, powers relating to animal health and welfare were increasingly devolved to Wales. Further to the results of the referendum on March 3rd 2011, animal welfare officially became a matter of the Assembly’s concern, excluding hunting and animal experimentation.

Animals and their welfare are exceptionally high in the public consciousness in Wales. According to Welsh Government data, 47 per cent of households own a pet animal; in addition to animals kept in commercial premises and Wales’ strong tradition in agriculture.

RSPCA Cymru’s PoliticalAnimal resource aims to provide decision-makers politicians, staff and other key stakeholders with key information, detail, briefings and more concerning animal welfare in Wales.

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Each year, RSPCA Cymru produces an Annual Summary, which explores all aspects of the charity’s work within Wales – including that of the frontline inspectorate, our animal centres, public affairs, education liaison with the media, campaigning, events and more.